Friday, April 24, 2009

Go Organic!

We all want to get healthy and stay healthy. Then we must support the organics industry and buy their products. Things have really changed drastically in the past twenty years, and there are more organic products at reasonable prices than ever before. There are plenty of choices for every health conscious consumer.

My favorite organic product is organic coffee. This is an example of taking a good product and making it even better through offering the organic version of a popular product. Couple that with supporting indigenous populations to keep the organic farming methods alive and that is a winning combination.

Household cleaning and laundry products have experienced a virtual revolution in the past twenty years and these products are now available side by side with the products of the non-organic industry leaders at nearly every grocery store in the United States. Isn't it great to have the choice?

Be good to your skin with organic makeup products. This industry is accomplishing the difficult feat of blending UV protection and natural cosmetics into reasonably priced products. You now can find organic foundation, organic eye makeup, organic mascara, and organic lipstick. On a related note, there are also organic hair coloring systems.

Love yourself, love your dog. Love your dog by purchasing organic dog food. With the tragic loss of so many pets in 2007 due to the tainted dog food from China, it is no wonder the organic pet food industry has enjoyed a sharp spike in sales recently.

Keep organics a viable option by shopping organic!

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