Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Take Good Care of Your Skin

Although genetics does play a part, we do have a big part to play in the natural health of our skin. Some people are prone to acne, while others never have to deal with it. The last thing you need to be doing if you have acne is to seek any kind of harsh acne treatment. The milder the better. There are so many products available on the market that were not available even five years ago. Fortunately for we who seek the natural alternatives, there are numerous companies offering mild yet effective acne treatments. Tea tree oil is one amazing alternative, and there are several acne treatments on the market which have tea tree oil as an ingredient.

Now let's talk about makeup. Some of us choose not to wear it very often, if at all. We recommend wearing makeup as infrequently as possible, and when you do feel the need to use it, always choose a natural mineral makeup with sun protection. Again, the choices are widening for those seeking natural beauty products, and there are quite a few good mineral makeup products available at reasonable prices.

Although my wife has completely switched her makeup to mineral makeup, when she was using liquid makeup she always liked the Mary Kay brand. She is glad to see that company is now offering mineral makeup also. She has given it a try and is quite pleased. She still uses the Mary Kay Day Cream, as it makes a nice skincare product in general and allows her mineral makeup to get applied more evenly.

If you are fighting acne, realize that mineral makeup can help with you in your overall plan of acne treatment. Mineral makeup should be one of your major components of any acne treatment plan.

Whenever possible, try to make your own home version of the remedy or product you need, so as to avoid those 'inert' ingredients. Often it is the inert ingredients which irritate the skin and can cause a reaction. Here is our favorite internet resource for natural skin care, the lifelong beauty section of Prevention. If making it yourself is not your thing, then read labels carefully even on a product that claims to be natural. One person's natural is another person's poison!

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