Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Health Benefits of Exercise

There are so many health benefits of exercise, where do we begin? Let's begin with the obvious, the physical component of the Health Benefits Of Exercise. Your heart will get a huge amount of benefit if part of the exercise you do is aerobic. Your muscles will receive another large section of the benefits of exercise. And your bones will get strengthened. Another physical benefit that is not easily realized is the mental health aspect. Neurons stay connected and new neurons are grown during the exercise process.

Add another important aspect to the list of the health benefits of exercise. It is your state of being, your temperament, your mood. We all feel better after exercise. No matter what is troubling us, a good workout on a treadmill or a walk in the neighborhood, or a long swim, to name a few, will all make us feel more able to face whatever is troubling us.

Weight loss is one of the direct health benefits of exercise. Exercise builds muscle, and muscle keeps the metabolic rate high. Exercise is also a natural appetite suppressor, so that is an indirect useful benefit for any weight loss goal.

No matter what your reasons for starting an exercise program, you will get the benefit of physical and mental health improvements.

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